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Safe and sound.     


Sphinx Mountain, MT

Bear Creek comes tumbling down this mountain at full force in early summer. Hikers must cross it a number of times, some without the aid of a bridge. It was at our first crossing that I took precautions and removed my pack and decided to wade across barefoot with just the dog. One toe into the icy cold water gave me second thoughts. Maybe there was a fallen tree on which I could walk across. A small bending but sturdy tree branch was found and I hoped the dog could make it too. Not so lucky there. My forty pound dog slipped off the narrow branches and could not get his footing in the water. I pulled his collar with all my strength but the current was too strong. It broke and he was swept downstream, caught in the current, barely keeping his head above water. I didn't have time to think. I raced back across and down the bank until I could jump in and grab my sopping wet dog and heave him onto the bank. Later that night while thinking about "the rescue", I wondered, How often does God have to rescue me? We often stray from God's path and get 'caught in the current'. God is there to rescue us every time. And as I hug and hold my dog close, I'll bet God is holding us close too.

Shooting Data: Rebel XT, Canon 28-85mm lens, f/10, 1/100 sec.