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Outdoor ProgrammingFlorida night sky

Every good nature photographer is also a good naturalist. Take your group outdoors to learn about the environment with our hands-on programs. Campfires, night hikes, star gazing and treasure hunts are just a few of your options. All can be taught with Biblical connections.

Owl Prowl
Get a short briefing on these fantasic fouls and learn to ID the species found in our area. Then we will take a stroll to search for these nocturnal predators.

Starry Sky Tour
Learn a few of the constellations visible in the night sky and how to find them. Each one has a purpose designed by God. Hear their stories and make a star finder to take home.

Night Eyes
Ever wonder why cat's eyes glow? Search the woods and wetlands for nocturnal creatures and learn to ID animals by their eye shine. Meet some live nocturnal creatures up close. Bring a flashlight and your thirst for adventure.

Moony Madness
Test your powers of observation as we search for craters and mountains on the moon. Engage in some friendly lunar trivia and enjoy a "man in the moon" treat to learn how our view of the moon changes. Bring your binculars.

Solar System Walk
Embark on an imaginary tour to investigate the different planets that make up our solar system. Walk down our planetary pathway and find out just how perfectly God placed our planet. Stamp your Planetary Passport at each stop.